your favorite filipino cuisine

Golden Sun Food Truck offers fresh traditional homemade Filipino cuisine served fast and with a smile!

From homemade lumpia to chicken adobo and more, You are sure to be impressed!

now in the beaufort South carolina area!

all your favorite filipino foods!

from lumpia, chicken adobo, to turons.  EXPLORE OuR MENU TO FIND YOUR FAVORITE

our location

Beaufort, South Carolina

our times

Tuesday- Friday

11am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday are for Scheduled Events



 Give us a call to see how Golden Sun can add some traditional Filipino flavor to your event! 

The Company and Management

Golden Sun Filipino Cuisine is headquartered in Beaufort, South Carolina and is situated between 3 large military bases. This offers a very diverse population from potentially all over the world. Thelma Canlas who owns the company is a native of Bataan, Philippines.


The company is managed by Thelma and her oldest son, Ronnel Canlas. Thelma has extensive knowledge in traditional Filipino cooking and has worked over 22 years in fiscal management while Ronnel has experience in both hospitality and food and beverage management.


In addition, we have assembled a board of advisors to provide management expertise. The advisors are:

1. Porshe Canlas - Transaction Coordinator for The Brian Beatty Team.

2. Premy Smith - Professionally trained Chef. 

saturday & sunday are for scheduled events

Serving your Golden Sun favorites every Tuesday-Friday 

11am - 3pm

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